CV for inspriration

reative Resumes That Put Yours To Shame

A simple resume is no longer enough. Although a CV is still a place where you store information about your professional background, nowadays you need a little extra creativity to get noticed. It’s no longer about the information  included, but about the presentation and how you “sell” yourself to the employer.

Lately, we’re seeing more and more remarkable CVs that are personalized to the position people are applying to. This means a lot more work but if you’re really serious about landing the job, it’s worth the effort. To help you out in your research, I’ve gathered a collection of the  25 most creative resumes I could find on the web that are going to make you rethink yours. Take a look and don’t forget to share them with others.
1. Sarah Odgers – Graphic Designer resume
A neat 3D resume designed by/ for a graphic designer. It includes all the information about the candidate, but its design is far from traditional.

2. Mohammed Mahgoub – Web designer& Developer resume
Simple yet attractive resume where the designer uses the little space available to present its skills and experience.

3. Blog Sociale t-shirt resume
What better way to advertise your services than putting your resume on a t-shirt for everyone to see? Very cool idea!

4. Mike Jones – Graphic Designer resume
As a graphic designer, your resume’s design might as well “sell” your services and convince an employer to hire you. Mike got it right, wouldn’t you agree?

5. Michael Anderson resume
Infographics are an interesting way of presenting one’s skills and experience. I especially enjoyed the Daily intake& output.

6. Pau Morgan – Graphic Designer resume
Here’s another neat graphic designer resume where a pinwheel is used to describe his professional background. Short, colorful and to the point.

7. Graphic Designer resume
No surprise that graphic designers are the ones coming up with such cool ideas for their resumes. This one is no less creative – it looks like an emergency toolkit and probably includes all kind of interesting information about the designer that could help him land the job.

8. Jonathan Kaczynski resume
Yet another interesting approach for a resume, using the route of a metro to present his work history and skills.

9. David Young Vintage resume
Some prefer a more vintage look like this candidate here. He has designed his CV just like it was done in the ’60′s.

10. Tudor Deleanu – Web Designer resume
This is a more modern resume design but comes in very handy because it’s small and you can have it on you anytime.

11. Steven Duncan resume
Very attractive resume although it might be a bit complicated to follow.

12. Sunny Black resume
An eye-catching resume that presents skills and experience.

13. Sid Santos – Graphic Designer resume
This guy is specialized in 3D modelling and packaging design so he got the neat idea to turn a simple cup in to his personal resume. Not bad, not bad at all. You might notice this CV was designed in 2009 so kudos to this guy for being so creative back then.

14. Matthew Villalovos – Waiter
If you’re not a designer that doesn’t mean you can’t get an awesome resume. Check this guy’s resume out – he’s looking for a waiter job and his CV fits just perfectly.

15. Interactive Media Design resume
This is such a cool and minimalist resume that it’s impossible not to get your attention. However, as an employer, I would’ve liked to get more information not just a few titles.

16. Robert Berg – Contractor resume
Here’s a simple resume for a contractor. Added to his experience is also the design of his resume, which comes to prove his skills.

17. Mary Ann – Graphic Designer resume
A very modern looking and detail oriented resume. Wouldn’t expect less from a graphic designer.

18. Web designer resume
Simple and attractive resume of an advertising designer. I especially liked the comics from the Aptitudes, gives it a relaxed and humorous touch, making it less formal than it usually is.

19. Adam Balazy – Designer resume
Here’s a resume design with the basic skills and work experience information included but what makes it attractive are the design elements.

20. Riccardo Sabatini resume
This is one of the resumes I really liked. Not only is the design very cool, but the copy is also catchy and very convincing. Moreover, it also includes call-to-action. Take a look.

21. Robbie Bautista – Graphic Designer resume
Interactive resume design of a freelance designer who calls himself a “creative dork”.

22. Joe Kelso resume
I’m not really fond of resumes where people don’t say exactly what they’re good at or what they specialize in. This is the case, but the image and the message it sends are just awesome.

23. Daniel Wojcik resume
Yet another resume with a cool design but very few information about his skills.

24. Wallplanner resume
This is a web designer that’s planning to move to Sydney and is looking for a job. So, he came up with a very detailed and catchy resume that includes information about his experience and lots of samples.

25. Photographer resume
The last one is a photographer resume with camera lens as a central design element to get the attention.

Which one is your favorite? Or, better yet, why don’t you show us your creative resumes?