Brahma chickens

This breed highly profitable giant chickens on poultry ii excited!

Brahma chickens - are docile, is growing extremely easy and give an extraordinary production of meat!

Dear Friend,
A typical hen has maturity, a weight of 1.5 - 3.5 kg, depending on the breed.
A Brahma hen has but 6.5 to 7 kg which transforms it into a true "Made" meat, very efficient in economic terms.
It's a chicken who instantly impresses, both by size and by appearance out of the ordinary. Quiet, beautiful and unpretentious, it grows like any other chickens, with the added advantage that highly resistant to cold thanks to the rich who covers including feathers feet.
We propose to set up a mini-loft Brahma chickens in a small space (a courtyard) not exceeding a few hundred square meters!

We help with the necessary information, which we offer through our newest product of the Department of Business Ideas in the group Rentrop & Straton: CD Organic Farm Brahma hens!

The main advantages of a
mini-hen Brahma:
1. Since those birds for meat, it means that customers provide food. And the food they had, have and will always have a safe market because, before anything, people have to eat. The food is first on the shopping list of every family.
2. The meat they provide Brahma chicken is organic, that comes from birds raised open ground, and fed healthy without any preservatives, additives, hormones or antibiotics. And this means growth will be reflected in the quality of the meat, forming a solid argument in favor of your offer.
3. You realize very well and egg production (140-150 eggs per year), especially as these give hens eggs in winter, when other breeds have low productivity. Brahma hen's eggs are brown, regular size, but that intensely colored yolk, egg specific country, which is highly appreciated by consumers.
4. The investment is reduced. As a space, your yard is sufficient for a few hundred square meters, and other expenses relates to setting up shelters and the purchase of feed. Otherwise, the birds should be allowed to do what they do naturally - that is, to scratch, to graze, to run, to wallowing - this natural behavior ultimately guaranteeing the quality of meat and eggs.
5. You do not have competitors. Brahma chickens are not very popular (yet) in Romania, because you're among the pioneers of this business in our country.
6. Activity is started and managed easily. You do not need a particular specialization in agriculture or livestock.
Dan Paloiu, for example, Secui poultry farm owner, jud. Dolj, an economist by profession and has made the transition from poultry farm after earlier had a business in the telecommunications area.
So no previous connection with breeding poultry. But here, despite the initial lack of experience, the entrepreneur now has 6,000 chickens, a production of almost 1.8 million organic eggs per year (we sell mostly in Bucharest) and a turnover of over 1.5 million each year.

Brahma chickens - short card
It is a bird native to India (Brahma-Pootra Basin), where later extended to the US and later in Europe. Docile and easily adaptable to any situation, Brahma chickens are distinguished by size - big body, big chest, strong and muscular - reaching maturity at a weight of up to 8 kg (roosters).
Begins to eggs after age 6 months and despite its massive stature, they make eggs were normal size. But unlike other breeds of chickens, Brahma is productive and winter.

What say farmers who already grow Brahma hens in Romania?

Nicu Traistaru, Alexandria:
"Why is it profitable Brahma hen? Because it has a meat tenderness and taste such a rare encounter other fowls, themselves and race. Moreover, the well stuffed, Brahma hen eggs yes even in winter. On average, a Brahma do about 140-150 eggs per year, more spring and fall. "
Adrian Gherghel, Baia Mare:
"The profitability of such business consists of the value that has a bird Brahma, known as" giant chickens. " A bird can cost between 70 and 150 euros, and an egg is priced between 6 and 12 lei. Brahma breed is noted for its beauty, but also for meat: a hen gives up to 4 kg of meat, coconut and even a 7 kg. "

I've sparked your interest?
And you can start this business!
Basically, you not only need four things:
1) a land of about 500 square meters, located somewhere in the country
2) a flock of chickens Brahma hens
3) 100% natural feed
4) some simple equipment
As for the information you need - working technology, business model, the relevant legislation in line with EU rules, the sale of eggs and meat prices, calculation of profitability - which you are offered through our new product department Business Ideas from Rentrop & Straton group: CD Organic Farm Brahma hens.
What advantages brings CD
"Organic Farm Brahma chicken"?
This CD shows you simply step by step what to do.
It covers every aspect of the business, you just need to follow it page by page.
Information presented is clear and above all complete, so you know exactly every step, how to act. You basically become a true expert in the field, accumulating valuable knowledge about:
1. Raising chickens in general
2. Useful information about the breed of chicken Brahma
3. shelters for birds and equipping them
4. Heating, ventilation, lighting
5. watering and feeding
6. Hygiene production
7. Egg production
8. Factors that influence egg quality
9. Legislation, conditions met
10. Packaging, sales
11. Health flock of birds
12. Checklist of things that have to be careful ...
... Plus many, many more practical, less known and extremely useful, obtained from interviewing those who already conducting business. Are presented including information about valuing manure (by the way manure, poultry manure is a very popular fertilizer, whose price jumps of 600 euros / ton!).

Remember the main
advantages of this business!
1. The market for organic products is on an upward trajectory. More and more consumers are interested in healthy eating (if you can even 100% healthy!)
2. The business starts easily. If you land somewhere in the country, basically you got rid of most of the initial investment.
3. Brahma hens undue difficulty.
4. Loosen is assured. Let's not forget, meat and eggs are foods and food is compulsory purchases for absolutely anyone.
5. You have all the necessary information on the CD Organic Farm Brahma hens. They are ideal information for people without experience. No need to search through libraries or books to browse dozens of hours on the Internet. This CD gives you everything.

Brahma chickens can grow either as a small business or for personal consumption. In the second option so you certainly get eggs and meat without hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals present all kinds of food in industrial.

Order right now CD
"Organic Farm Brahma chicken"!
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Title: "Organic Farm chickens Brahma"
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Think very seriously the possibility that this activity to become your own business and prosper, to get rid of any financial worries related to tomorrow. It's not complicated, just to master the basics of growth Brahma hens and ... that's it. We look forward to your order!

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